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Ready-to-hang Wall Composition.

Wall composed of 5 porcelain plates with exclusive and signed designs.

This wall will leave your wall a luxury only!

  • Left Wing Gold Plate - Urban Emotions Heaven Collection - 30cm plate
  • Optical Gold Plate - Urban Emoções Collection - 24.5cm porcelain plate
  • Illustrious Gold Plate - Urban Emoções Collection - 19cm porcelain plate
  • Orchid Plate B - Gold - Rural Emoções Collection - 19 cm porcelain plate
  • Gold Grades Plate - Urban Emotions Collection - 19cm porcelain plate

Porcelain plates and hooks for hanging on the wall.

In addition to this ease of receiving the hooks, you will also receive a full-size template to facilitate assembly when hanging your dishes on the wall.

Golden EmoUrbRur Ready-made Wall 5 Plates

  • Your wall decorated in a click.

    Dishes chosen to make your home more beautiful!

    Authorial design by designer Cris Azevedo combining various collections and trends.

    Details: It can be used as a serving plate or as a decoration as they are fired at over 890 degrees of temperature (it comes with a hook for hanging.


    The Gold C Bird Dish - cannot be microwaved

    For better cleaning and maintenance use neutral soap and a soft sponge.

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