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  • Porcelana
  • Desenho Autoral com 10% da venda revertido em doação para uma ONG
  • Produção Manual
  • Prato  15 x 1,5 cms
  • com gancho para pendurar


Prato Decorado Tagarazinho

  • Decorated dish Tangarazinho from the Emoções Silverstres Collection was born from the desire to show what is most beautiful and valuable in our Brazil.

    Studio Cris Azevedo invited the drawing teacher Cristiane Gardim to present this Collection together. For this collection we chose 7 beautiful species representing the Brazilian fauna, one of the most diverse in the world.

    The Ecotrópica Foundation, which is directly helping the animals of the Pantanal, will receive 10% of the sale of the dishes in this Collection.

    Details: Can be used as a serving plate or as a decoration (it comes with a hook for hanging).


    For better cleaning and maintenance use neutral soap and a soft sponge.

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